v19 Libbluray full menu's and seamless branched UHD Blurays cause problems
good evening all, i will supply a log tomorrow and a video to show it better but wanted to get the thread going

I have noticed an issue with how Kodi handles seamless branched UHD Bluray rips(i think they are called seamless branched, the issue is not presant when playing the movie in main movie mode, but when Menu's are enabled they cause frame skips and audio drop outs when the seamless branch files switch over, movies i know it happens on so far is The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Dark Pheonix, the seamless branched files on the star wars is used i believe for the subtitled parts so the user selected language can be shown

i have tested the rips with VLC and the playback is as expected, i have tired the lastest nightly and both the HDR branches of Kodi and the issue is there, not tried a 18.6 but i dont think that can do UHD menu's
have installed a default nightly for V19 and both logs i have created playing with menu's and without menu's are 7meg and every paste site craps out with the size can anyone offer assistance here?

other info i can supply currently is when playing with menu's when it gets to the .ts change the buffer icon appears on screen using the default skin
managed to get a log sorted this line was repeated about 2,000 times so when it appears there was many many more events listed

2020-05-23 19:15:19.724 T:13124   DEBUG <general>: CDVDInputStreamBluray - BD_EVENT_END_OF_TITLE 0

zorocexezu.kodi (paste)
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Libbluray full menu's and seamless branched UHD Blurays cause problems00
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