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The function sort images by date doesn't seem to have an effect. Can anyone confirm? I'd like to search through the music artwork by the date the images were added to see if any new images have been added.
Quote:The function sort images by date doesn't seem to have an effect. Can anyone confirm? I'd like to search through the music artwork by the date the images were added to see if any new images have been added.

OK. When you are in a category there is now a dropdown at the bottom of the page that allows you to change your preferred sort order for that browser session.
Please test and see if it works OK for you. (Home Theater Backdrops) offers a large collection FanArt Backdrops of Music Artist and Games, and it also has a good collection of Weather Backgrounds. Help contribute by uploading FanArt for your favorite Music Artist and Games so that others can enjoy it as well.
Working great. Thanks a lot Laugh
Well I uploaded 1 backdrop to this site, but I am finding it very hard to find high quality images to make into backdrops for the artists I have. Huh

Nice site thought, keep up the good work.
I found out a problem about htbackdrops and the music scrapers on XBMC, they can be fixed either in the XBMC side or htabackdrops side.

The problem:
Scraping for artists thumbs or fanart for artists with more than a word, for instance, A Perefect Circle (that's the band I used to find out about this problem). The artist thumb on htbackdrops has spaces in the file name, the fanart is called "A_Perfect_Circle.jpg" but the artist thum is actually "A Perfect Circle.jpg".

Either fix this in the scraper/XBMC to handle spaces or make htabackdrops uploads automatically replace the spaces by _ (or something like that).
works, thank you!
The Transforminators HD Movie Trailer
- from the creators of Terminator and Transformers -
diemos Wrote:works, thank you!
What do you mean? That wasn't an answer to me was it?
I just talked with spiff on IRC and we agreed that this should be fixed on the server side and he said he could provide me a fix (and anyone else of course) but we wouldn't put it on the trunk. And like I said, I agree with me. The URL should be sanitized in the server side and the spaces should be gone or replaced by some char like '-' or '_'.

Can you take a look at that nuzecast?
Has this been implemented in to xbmc??

it's just I can't find any way to save music fanart within xbmc for xbox
I give this thread 2 thumbs up!

Nice link and nice work guys. Big Grin

I can't wait to check the sites thoroughly.

It's so nice to be here!
(this is the message i've wrongly posted in the xbmcstuff thread...)

Hi everybody

i've started to use htbackdrops last week to add music fanarts to my collection and it's a great site, thanks for it !
But as i'm french i listen to a lot of french music and didn't find many of backdrops so, i've started to make my own and then i uploaded them to the site (it was last thursday i think), and since then they're all waiting for approval, how long does it normally take ? or maybe my backdrops were refused ? is there a mail notification or anything else to warn people when the fanarts are accepted or refused ?

thanks again for this site Wink
Yeah, I was wondering about the same thing. It seems the site owner is on holiday so we'll have to wait. It would be nice to have more than 1 admin for that site, though.
Although I've started to not use scrapers anymore and add everything manually I love to see how the site is growing. 2816 artist fanarts already...not bad! Big Grin
Again: shouldn't this site have more than one user with the permission to accept fanarts? I don't want to criticize the admin (the opposite, very happy that you started htbackdrops!) but sometimes it's a bit slow and it might stop people from uploading more...
Looks like noone cares... *sigh*

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