TMM to scrape multiple Rating sources
So It took me 2 hours to scrape, manually select unmatched (I didn't have the year in the title, so it searched without that info = many not matched, then double check ratings (preferred meta, then fallback to imdb only not RT or tmdb) ,artwork (best poster out of tmdb selection), find the background fan artwork for ones that were missing (takes a bit, as you have to find the most relevant high res image possible in google images). Then after everything is done rename and cleanup files.

And that is for 65 Docu's so 2 min per movie = 100 hours for all 3K movies..... So I hope I can fine-tune this process. Will put the years into titles before so have higher match rate. I found out I can rescrape using imdb for ratings, and it will remove rotten, and tmdb. So for ones that don't have the metacritc, I can do this with one click. Also once I get into the mainstream popular american movies, I will have more artwork already scraped. So I should be able to get this down to 30 seconds per movie.

You see thats why Im afraid of using skins in kodi that have all the bells and whistles for artwork. I have lots of foreign films and docus, many don't have all this stuff available like the various banners, clear art, logos, dis cart etc. Im ocd in that way, that every movie needs to have that stuff displayed. I hate it when I browse, and have a wallpaper for 90%, and then 10% have the generic kodi background. I rather have 100% kodi background then LOL. So The skin I have now uses the fan art background, and movie poster, and  I can at least know that I can get that to 100% of the movies.

** Edit UPDATE - Just did 130 English movies in under 2 hours, even getting all subtitles (editing out the added ads in the opensubtitles lol) - so getting better.

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