v19 Fullscreen playback goes black in 10 seconds
(2020-06-19, 11:01)jjd-uk Wrote: Can you confirm which skin you are using? I see log entries for Amber so is this the active skin? Could you also also confirm what you mean by goes black? what exactly do you see when you first go fullscreen? and does that all completely disappear?

If you are using Amber then try switching back to the default Estuary skin to see if that does the same. If Estuary is ok, then it's a skin problem that needs to be reported to the skin author.

Note it's normal behaviour for the info to appear when entering fullscreen and for it to then disappear after 10 seconds, it will then reappear for 10 seconds at each track change, if you want info displayed all the time then after info disappears by I or Info button on keyboard/remote and the info will stay permanently on screen until you press I or Info button on keyboard/remote to dismiss it.
Thank you!
  1. Switched back to Estuary and the problem goes away. My bad there, as I thought Estuary did it too (I was using Estuary for a day then found Amber-matrix, I'd used Amber for a long long time on v18 without issue).
  2. The I key is interesting! It creates the issue. That is in either skin, if I press I the I key get a blank screen. Blue in Estuary, black in Amber. To wit one thought is that Amber is displaying Info after 10 sec and there may be an Amber setting for that. I shall explore and report.
  3. Normal you say? That is interesting too as I have no recollection of losing Fullscreen in v18, in Estuary when I used that nor in Amber when I discovered that. Which raises the possibility that (if it's Normal) that I did encounter it in my early days with Kodi, found a fix and have forgotten?
So I walked through all the Amber skin settings, there are a great any alas and the names not always so useful, but ... the problem went away. Hmmm. So I rewalked them trying to recreate it. No luck. Can't seem to coax amber into blanking screen after 10s of inactivity. And boy have I tried. I can't seem to find a setting now that makes it happen.

In a nutshell then, it seems like yes, after 10s of inactivity in the equivalent of an I press was happening. But only in Amber, not in Estuary,  but no more after switching skins then back and                          walking through setting arbitrarily turning a few things off that looked like background or visualisation or information related, but unable to reprouduce it by trying th  revers walk. But loads of settings easy to have missed something.

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