v19 Fullscreen playback goes black in 10 seconds
(2020-06-19, 15:58)ThumbOne Wrote: [*]The I key is interesting! It creates the issue. That is in either skin, if I press I the I key get a blank screen. Blue in Estuary, black in Amber. To wit one thought is that Amber is displaying Info after 10 sec and there may be an Amber setting for that. I shall explore and report.

In Estuary if there is a fanart image for the artist of the song being played then that will be display as the background, if there is no fanart available for that artist then the blue background is displayed as a fallback. If not for the blue fallback image then Estuary too would have a black background. The details of the track being played is placed above the background image (either fanart or the blue fallback), so when this disappears you are not exiting fullscreen (losing as you put it), but are merely seeing the fullscreen background without the info overlay.

So default behaviour is to display the track info for 10 sec when first entering fullscreen music and then subsequently for 10 sec on each track change, this is so the info does not obscure any fanart images. However as it seems you don't have any fanart scraped all you are seeing is the fallback background image.

(2020-06-19, 15:58)ThumbOne Wrote: [*]Normal you say? That is interesting too as I have no recollection of losing Fullscreen in v18, in Estuary when I used that nor in Amber when I discovered that. Which raises the possibility that (if it's Normal) that I did encounter it in my early days with Kodi, found a fix and have forgotten?

Perhaps Kodi being clever has caught you out, as default behaviour can be changed.

1. Starting from default - After entering fullscreen the track info disappears after 10 sec, after this happens press I and track info will appear again. After pressing I, if you do not press I again then the track info will remain permanently displayed, as the I button toggles the track info on & off.
2. Now the clever bit. If you stop your music and exit fullscreen when the track info was being permanently displayed, then this will be remembered for the next time you enter fullscreen, and track info will remain permanently displayed when you do enter fullscreen again. Therefore the manual press of I from the last time you were in fullscreen has now overrdden default behaviour.
3. The behaviour in 2 will only be changed if you press I when in fullscreen so the track info disappears, thus causing a reversion to default behaviour. So now the info will be back to only display for 10 sec on track changed. Like before if you stop the music and exit fullscreen, then the last state will be remembered for when you next enter fullscreen.

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