MECOOL Android TV Box KM6 Series w/ Amlogic S905X4 SoC
(2021-05-12, 15:18)clarkss12 Wrote:
(2021-05-11, 21:48)Underwurlde Wrote:
(2021-05-10, 22:01)farben Wrote: Two questions:

1. Have you try to play 4Ktest_red_border_loop sample to check real 4K or fake?

2. Anyone has KM6 classic and can confirm that has also auto frame rate switch?

#2. - I've already asked this question.  The HDMI self-adaption 'part mode' definitely auto switches framerates with sources at 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 which is great for users in the US.  Being in the UK, I want to know if the 'total mode' setting does 25fps.  Also. I've noticed that some shows are now in 24fps (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for instance) so would like to know if a true 24fps source shows play smoothly as well.  As we all know, 23.976 commonly known as 24hz/fps is not the same as true 24 and stuttering will still occur if correct switching isn't happening.  Can anyone who has this box confirm please?

I would be happy to test using my Mecool KM6 Deluxe, IF you can give a description on how to perform such test with 100% accuracy.  Will the test be dependent on the TV stats?

I guess the first thing to do go to settings and select the HDMI self adaptation 'total mode' and see if it lists any other framerate modes apart from the 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 modes listed on the 'part mode setting'  Due to the framerate switching happening at a system wide level and not a per-app level, you cannot use the Kodi stats to display what framerate is being used.  You would need to have your KM6 plugged into an AV receiver and then use the video info option on the receiver to confirm what output is being received from the KM6.  You would also need to acquire some known 24fps and 25fps material to play in Kodi.  FYI, I use Mediainfo ( to verify the framerate details of MKV's / MP4's etc.

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