Survey on UI behaviour: Top100
Hi all,

while working on bugfixes for sorting by playcount for music album genre view I came around an issue in the "Top100 Albums" and "Top100 Songs" view.

Current behaviour:
If one of the Top100 filters is entered, the resulting list is sorted by playcount, always descending. This is correct as the most played items are on top. Inconsistency comes when selecting to sort this by playcount again. This normally changes the sort order, but not in this case. The list stays the same (most played songs on top), but the sort-button now indicates ascending order.

In the Top100 list sorting works as for all other menus, you can change the sort order. It becomes possibly confusing when changing the sort order to ascending. In this case the least often played song of the Top100 is shown. And this can only be recognized from the sort-button indicator as the list itself does neither shows the playcount for each item nor have sections.

Other option:
Another option is to display "Top 100" instead of "Playcount" in the sort menu and keep the behaviour like it is. The sort-button still behaves inconsistent in this case (possibly indicating ascending order, even though the list is always shown in descending). At least the sort-option is called "Top 100 Albums" or "Top 100 Songs" which implies showing the most played items on top.

What are your thoughts?
After thinking through and playing around with the different options I am personally preferring the last option, which will behave like this:

- Enter "Top 100 Albums" or "Top 100 Songs"
- Sort option "Play Count" is replaced with "Top 100 Albums" or "Top 100 Songs"
- You cannot change the sort order for this sort option, it always keeps descending order (most played albums on top)
- All other sort options continue to work as expected

Compared to version 1.6.1 the only change is the naming of the sort option. Still there is a mismatch of the sort order indicator when using sort-by-"Top 100". But this is -- in my opinion -- easier to accept than showing the Top 100 in reversed order with only the tiny sort order button indicating this.

Would still be happy to see some response here.

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