Changed Live TV Stream from Real Time to Timeshift, now "Add-on couldn't be loaded"
I'm hoping that I'm just being an moron and missing something obvious....

My Kodi/NextPVR setup has been working flawlessly since I built my system (KODI 18.5, Win10, AEON MQ 8 skin, NextPVR 4.2.5, Kodi and NextPVR Client are the same machine). Recently I read that I could regain the 'pause' function while watching live TV by switching "Live TV Stream" in the NextPVR configuration, from "Real Time" (default) to either Timeshift or Extended Timeshift.

After I did that, I get the "Add-on couldn't be loaded" at startup and "PVR manager is starting up" when navigating to Live TV. Based on other posts, I've tried the following:
- Restarting the computer, restarting the PVR recording service
- Verified that Kodi is configured to, port 8866
- Verified that I can access that through a browser on the same machine (not a firewall issue)
- Returned Live TV Stream to Real Time
- Verified NextPVR is working as standalone application (on at startup)

Nothing loads the plugin or returns functionality. Logs here. Any insight? Again, things were working flawlessly before I got greedy and wanted my live TV pause functionality!
Note using timeshift with V4 is still not recommended perhaps you read about NextPVR V5 which was released over a year ago.  Timeshifting will cause Kodi to crash.

However using obsolete versions of Kodi and NextPVR does not appear to be your problem, but those aren't debug logs.   Are you sure you have the setting configured for a V4 server.  If they are, I think you need to restart the NextPVR service, and then simply restart Kodi.  If you continue to have problems open a post on the NextPVR forum with your zipped NextPVR logs and your Kodi debug log.


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Changed Live TV Stream from Real Time to Timeshift, now "Add-on couldn't be loaded"0
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