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I noticed all the information about usiong the intro video seems to not be linked anymore. I have the video, but don't have the scripts or know what to do to ghet the intro video to work. Any tips or suggestions?

BTW, love the skin - I just modded my old xbox, put latest XBMC on it and the latest xTv...great work to all involved!
Do the intro scripts still exists somewhere? Other links just show a 404 error
It is not a script, but an edited version of the Startup.xml and a skin setting window to allow it to be an option. I know I have said this before but I will whip one up when I get some time.
I can search for that - I thought I was missing files...

Hope it helps. Laugh
Thanks - that's the site where I get all the 404 errors...looks like they have the video in an archive that is missing - I am sure it explains what to change.

I searched the forums here, and just didn't see it.
That link also talked about using a python script to load the video - so it must be outdated.

Any other ideas of where to search?
dwmcqueen Wrote:Any other ideas of where to search?

I worked on it for a few minutes last night but I couldn't remember how I kept the home window from flashing before the video started. I am sure I will get it done tonight.
Here you go, it is still pretty rough but it works.
Thanks - I will give that a try tonight.
CHI3f Wrote:Here you go, it is still pretty rough but it works.

The link says that the file is not found. Sad Can you repost?
Patiently waiting..........
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