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XBMC Live with ATI/AMD graphics controller boots to black screen?
alohre Wrote:the following worked for me when it hanged with a black screen.

1. choose the AMD/ATI safe mode option from the boot menu

2. login (username root, no password)

3. type the following: "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" (no quotes)
just choose the default options on all the choices that you are presented
this will generate a basic xorg.conf file

4. then run the ati init: "aticonfig --initial" (this will install the ati spesific stuff in xorg.conf)

5. type "startx"

you should now be presented with the fluxbox window manager. right click on the desktop and start a terminal, and run the "xbmc" command.

I just typed this from memory, so please correct me if you see any obvious mistakes.

after the step 3 the system asks about keyboard config, ok but the step 4 don't work.

"No supported adapters detected" says.

Here talk about the issue more specificly
NForce 4 mobo / s939 CPU
ATI HD4350 w/ HDMI & HDMI audio
XBMC Beta 1

I followed this guide here on Ubuntu 9.04 to install 'XBMCbuntu' - which from what I know is exactly like this XBMC Live. I did not install the live scripts but instead used my own windows manager and a modified /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc script to load up XBMC.

I first installed Catalyst 9.9 using the unofficial ATI wiki located here through the manual install. This worked fine, except for terrible problems with intermittent audio issues through the ATI card. I was following the XBMC PPA SVN and then commited over to the stable PPA for the beta/alphas. Running b1 I had fine video, but the audio was still having problems so I decided to try upgrading my video drivers.

I removed my video driver as stated by the ATI Linux wiki and reinstalled like before. Everything seemed to be fine, until I booted up into XBMC and then all of my video-except for Flash video- was totally corrupted and would just flicker one color.

I tried some of the fixes as stated on the ATI Linux wiki such as reinitilizing the xorg.conf file and also reusing my old xorg.conf that was already working great. So I decided to see if I could get this XBMC Live running.

So I installed it to HDD, and then got the notorious black screen everyone is getting. I reinstalled the ATI driver as stated by the ATI Linux wiki- 9.11 the same one that should be installed on XBMC Linux already. And now XBMC boots up but im getting the same weird video issue where it is just one color that changes when I play any video.

I do not have a debug log right now, but will update and post if needed.

Using a ATI card has been a nightmare, and considering how cheap they are comparatively and with XVBA patches coming too FFMPEG its pretty disappointing.


I changed to Basic Sharders (ARB) from Advanced shaders (GLSL). Advanced shaders has always worked before... Maybe it is a issue with Catalyst 9.11. Because it seemed 9.9 let me do GLSL.
javiertoti Wrote:after the step 3 the system asks about keyboard config, ok but the step 4 don't work.

"No supported adapters detected" says.

Here talk about the issue more specificly

I ended up following the guide here: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_...s_manually (posted by Allen626), and installing the 9.10 Catalyst Drivers (since they just updated to 9.11 I am assuming there is some problem), using an HD2400 until I can get another IONITX-A... Stupid ATI driversSad

Trying the XBMC Live after having it run on my Ubu 9.04 system and results so far... bad Tongue

Using the 2nd option, it goes to a black screen with weird graphics on top, as if all the screen was rolled together in the first inch on the top of the monitor. Using the Safe ATI mode it just takes me to a terminal like. Had no idea what to try in terms of user and password and now I'm going to try again.

Its kind of weird to have a LiveCD that doesnt really work. I'm going to also try the intel option as somebody suggested.

Acer something AMD A8-3800K with Trinity Radeon HD6650 (512MB), 10GB DDR3, Ubuntu 15.04, NO KODI HELP Audio: Working great Analog 5.1 (with Infinity Reference Sub and Center).

My laptop is Acer Extensa 5630 with ati mobility radeon HD 3650.

I downloaded xbmc 9.11 live beta 1 and now beta 2.
I choose from menu ATI/AMD GPU.
Beta 1 boots to black screen.
Beta 2 boots, and I see one window:
XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering.
Install an appropriate graphics driver.

And I have one Quit button.
What can I do? How can I fix this problem?
I havent installed ubuntu in my laptop.

Nobody can help?
HI All,

First of all - Thanks for all of you who put a lot of efforts in the project. I'm one of those who discover xbmc as a perfect solution for HTPC, but lacks a bit of experience in X configuration etc. So ...

Since 2 weeks I'm trying to set up working XBMC system on:
- Asus M2A-VM DH
- AMD BE-2400
- Seagate SATA Barracuda

I read a lot of posts and tried at least few comibinations:
1. WIN + XBMC - works fine, so I know what can I expect from the HW
2. XBMC-live installation, 10.04 Server + manual install give preaty much the same effect:
a) slow menu navigation (0,5 fps I would say)
b) not working GPU configuration

I can not judge when 2a and 2b happens as it seems to be more or less random.

Could you please post a troubleshooting guide or step by step installation guide for ATI x1250 based GPU. Thanks in advance for any leads as I'm running out of ideas and would like to finally sit down in the evening with my wife and show here what I am working on at nights ;-)
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