Android Keep music running with display off
I like to listen to music when on the move. The problem is that Kodi suspends playback when the display is off. I can't find any setting to keep it running. I don't need the display on always, I'm listening, not looking. This also saves power, after all, i'm on battery.

Thanks for any help.
Are you sure it's Kodi and not the device you're using?
It's Kodi. Other apps like VLC or when listening to streams directly from Firefox on the same Tablet keep on playing music even when the display is off.
I am using the modv2 skin from the kodinerds repo. It's based on estuary.
This skin has fairly recently added 'dark screen' setting that works great for me when playing music. Might be a solution for you as well.
this was brought up a few months ago

it was determined that android is pausing media when the screen turns off - outside of kodi's control *presently


It's not exactly outside of kodis control. It's just a feature that isn't implemented. No active android devs, so don't hold your breath on something like this being implemented

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