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MediaStream v0.93 Released (29/09/2008)

I have proposal to make scrolling in lists a bit better.
When I scroll in lists that do not fit on one screen, the list starts to scroll when I'm at the lowest item that fits on the screen and press down (same as the top item and pressing up).
I think it would be better if the list scrolls down/up when going down/up from the second item from the bottom/top. It will then also be a marker to the user that s/he will only be on the lowest item if it is the last in the list.

At least I tend to scroll one item to far since it is hard to notice when you have "arrirved" at the correct list position.

Thanks for a great skin!!!
Does no-one use PageUp/PageDown for long lists?
congratz on the excellent skin dudes. it looks very silk

just a quick question on the media preview view,

the thumbnails you scroll through at the bottom,
what is the format and quality of these thumbnails when they get displayed?

Also the main poster that shows in the movie information, is there anyway
to improve the quality of these images?

cheers lads

MediaStream v0.93 Released (29/09/2008)00