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Linux HOW-TO make XBMC for Linux auto start on Ubuntu
A little off-topic, but it would be cool to be able to switch back and forth between XBMC and MythTV.
Hi there
Did some research about our problem.
Editing /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf

<match user="root|twood">
<return result="yes"/>

insert the red colored username (here i.e. twood) and do not forget the | (pipe).

Finally my shutdown worked after that on intrepid
But be aware:
This is a dirty hack, as what i understand the user gets somehow more rights and this is not the linux way a system should be configured.

So i will do some more research, if i find more time for this.

Maybe someone that is more skilled with this will tell me what i have to inclue into the conf, so only shutdown suspend rstart and/or hibernate is allowed.

Thanks for your efforts, I had quit from trying....
lovely! would like to get this thread sticky Wink
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Okay so I am accessing my XBMC HTPC vis Ultravnc on my XP box.

If I run it as an appliance can I still drop back to a GUI and access it by UltraVNC to make changes, upgrades etc ?

Why not just set a limited user to auto login and then go to System/Preferences/Sessions, click "Add" and enter xbmc's start command?

Works for me. XBMC autostarts every time.

That's how I have it set up now. Thanks. I was just curious if there was a way to save some CPU overhead and not load a GDM but still invoke it via a VNC connection if need be.

i currently use a full black "openbox" as wm and
"slim" to autologin my mediauser
(i know a loginmanager isn't required, but slim is somewhat lightweight
and i like it as it is).
with devilspie also working in openbox i also can launch apps from
xbmc without any problems.
frostwork ,

Care to expand on that ?

how do you keep the system uptodate (like the updatemanager does auto in Gnome) with this method ?
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no i don't care.
first of all i use gentoo for this, not ubuntu. i hope this is no problem.

The light-weight windowmanager i use is called openbox and can be found here:
in order to get a black background i changed
BG to "#000000" in
( you could also change this in /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart.sh)

The tiny loginmanager "slim" can be found here:
I use version 1.3.1
You can set autologin for a user in the configfile /etc/slim.conf

To launch applications from within xbmc i use Leo2's great Launcher plugin
which you can find here:

as I had some issues with launching many applications in fullscreenmode,
as xbmc doesn't free input controls, and the app therefore launches
windowed (at least i think that this is related)
i also installed "devilspie-0.22"
how i set this up to work is explained here:

openbox can be internally (means without using devilspie) configured
to launch every single (or just some selected) in fullscreen and
without window-decorations, but this doesn't work for apps launched in xbmc
(or at least i haven't found out how).
I follow this howto, step by step, but something is wrong for me.

When ubuntu finalize start process, there is a text terminal screen login, that says:

xbmc login: (Automatic login).

I can't type any letter, and session doesn't seems to start, and xbmc doesn't start.

But, If I use CONTROL+ALT+2, to open another terminal session, the login let me to type user and pass. I use my user and pass, and then, from this 2º session, x mode starts and then xbmc.

What's the problem here?

(Sorry for my poor english).
if you mean with howto my above list, then you might have not configured
slim correctly.
check if you have set in /etc/slim.conf (or wherever it is under ubuntu)
sessions openbox
the script uses, as you can see in the login_cmd at the beginning,
exec /bin/bash -login /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
and /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
checks either $HOME/.xinitrc or the systemdefault /etc/X11/chooser.sh
then etc/X11/chooser.sh searches in
/etc/conf.d/basic or /etc/rc.conf
so you might have set
in one of them.

again, i have no idea how different this is between gentoo and ubuntu.
so if this is too confusing, i'm sorry that i posted in a ubuntu thread.
pike Wrote:how do you keep the system uptodate (like the updatemanager does auto in Gnome) with this method ?

Just make a cron job with the commands :

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade Cool
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