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".."-folder incorrect behaviour
using 15-11 cvs

don't know if is intended but when ever selecting the ".."-folder i end up in the root of my folders.

the expected behaviour should be one level up. which would be the most usable one aswell.

as it is now it should be called "\"-folder Image


i still experience this as a problem in 23-11. am i doing something wrong?

im listing my music as "view songs", enter an mp3 album via relax, selecting the ".."-folder to (as i think it should be) go up on level, i get tranfered up to root. when selecting the relax-share in question again, i end up at the place i was supposed to be, i.e. the previously browsed folder, selected.

and i'm using ms dvdremote only using direction buttons and the select button.
i guess this happens when you are using the relax server? i stopped using relax because of this. it's the biggest security hole i've ever seen! don't take the chance. (depends on what else is on your host computer of course...)
in this case by "root" i mean the root of the share. not the root of the sharing computer.

but still i willl consider it.  Image
ok, well that's better. i however, gained access to the entire host computer, way above the shared folder.
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