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AMT script skin
Hey guys,

MediaStream's Apple Movie Trailers skin is great, I vastly prefer it to the PM3 skin. I'm constantly switching and trying new skins, and most skins don't have an AMT component so when I switch to them it uses the PM3 skin. I'd like it to use the MediaStream skin, so I looked into copying the AMT section of MediaStream to the other skins. I found that copying the XML files worked except that all the textures were missing. So I have a few questions:

1) Currently XBMC uses the PM3 AMT skin by default if a skin has nothing defined for that script. Is it possible to simply make the MediaStream AMT skin the default instead?
2) If not, how can I copy the textures needed to my other skins so when I copy the AMT XML files they'll display the correct stuff? Would I need to somehow extract them from the MediaStream xpr and inject them into the other skins' xprs? Could I just include the MediaStream xpr instead and direct the XML to load its textures from there?
1) Nope
2) You can't, cos as you say you need the textures for both skins to exist in the same xpr
So would there be a naming conflict or something to inject the MediaStream textures needed into another skin's xpr?
It's more than likely that there would be some overlap in image naming, but once the skin is released fully into SVN you could probably go through our textures and rip out the ones that are only used in AMT and copy those across to another skin

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