Trying to put together a comprehensive list of all Scripts and Plugins for XBMC...
Jester Wrote:Not a bad idea, however there already is a sub-forum for this, that should also support windows

best it is post there that a plugin doesnt work on windows...

That's a developer's forum and user's shouldn't post there about issues they're having. You probably meant to link to

There is already specific thread (stickied) about which plugins work on what platforms:

The best way to handle non-working plugins is to search for that plugin's release thread and post there.

If you can't find a release thread make a new one and call it something pretty generic, like "DimeADozenStreamingMovie Plugin Issues" so that other people can find it. Then inside your post explain that it works on xbox, but not windows, or whatever. Post a debug log, xbmc revision number/builddate, what platform your're on, etc. That information helps us python guys just as much as they help the regular developers. It probably isn't necessary as often, but sometimes it is, and it is nice to not have to ask for it. If it is an old and abandoned script or plugin, it'd be awesome if you zipped up your copy of it and gave us that as well.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please read how to submit a proper bug report.

If you're interested in writing addons for xbmc, read docs and how-to for plugins and scripts |||
jmarshall is correct, scripters should be developering for all platforms. Smile

we need feedback since we aren't always able to test on all platforms.
For python coding questions first see
If they are mine, i`m aware and correcting them.
My earlier plugins were xbox only so the paths wouldn't translate cross platform.
Originally, this topic was posted in the Windows section, but moved here because a that point most plugin/scripts developers were not using Windows version of XBMC.

Anyway, to recap, most plugins or script do not work due to networking (streaming) issues on the windows platform. Issues that have been here from day one and are not resolved......yet. There has been some progress however, because more and more scripts are working now due to workarounds from developers.

Fact remains that a relatively simple task as streaming audio (asf streams) do not work or take ages to buffer or video content that is meant to stream, originally is displayed as a thumb but refuses to play. Though links ar valid, all this usually results in a "Playlist playback aborted. Too many consecutive failed items"

If not already happened, there needs to be some sort of discussion between script/plugin developers and XBMC Windows developers to resolve this issue once an for all.

This way you can rule out the "Windows factor" and we can compile a list of working Scripts and Plugins.

Also read the discussion on Scripts and Plugins at
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DragonFly Wrote:Do any of the Devs have some insight as why the majority of thye plugins/scripts aren't working?

Hello all.. just a few problems with this 'Wonderful' script.

I've been having similar issues with plugins on the XBOX, sorry if this is the wrong thread couldn't find one that was XBOX specific.

The Plugins I have had this issue with are (on xbox): - nothing lists in folders - nothing lists in folders
CNN Video - nothing lists in folders
EasyNews - Error /
Family Guy - Error / - nothing lists in folders
Google Video - nothing lists in folders
LastTube - Error /
MTVN - Ask for quailty level but only lists EXIT (some work)
Ninja Video - Too many failed attempts
oneclick - nothing lists in folders
Onion News Network - Loads but nothing plays
PBS - Error / (Some work) - nothing lists in folders
Ren & Stimpy - Error / - Nooooo!
Tv Shack - Loads but nothing plays
UBU - Loads but nothing plays
TAC.TV - Hangs on load
Veoh - Loads but nothing plays
WatchXOnline - Unsupported Video Provider
XBMCEyetvParser - Empty Folder
XBMCEyetvScraper - Empty Folder
Yahoo Music Videos - Empty folders
iTunes - Error / - then tries to load and hangs

These are ones that I have installed and are Working (on xbox):

Apple Movie Trailers II
MySoju - Korean movies - Great! :|
National Geographic
Navi-X Plugin
NBC Universal
Streamer Radio

Another thing is there an 'Adult Swim' for UK users?

~ A big thanks to you guys taking the time to work on these scripts / plugins, I know it's because you enjoy it, but you also give a great deal of Joy to all the users like myself -

Cheers Guys - Thanks.
Just to be sure, you mentionned TAC.TV in your plugin list, but it is a script not a video plugin, that means you have to install in the script directory. I run it on XBOX with Babylon and it runs for me.
Let me know if you still have issue with it.

Concerning reeplay do you have an account on You need one in order to have video to watch.
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Virtualburn Wrote:Another thing is there an 'Adult Swim' for UK users?
Yeah Navi-X has this.I now the creator of Adult Swim plugin is also informed by this,dont' know if he will implement this.But if you have this kind of question try also to do a search in this forum.This will sometimes help to find your answer
Anyone know if there is a list of currently working video plugins that allow streaming of TV websites? Such as Hulu, Joost, etc....

I was all excited when I just saw the Hulu plugin, but then disappointed to see after reading tons of posts that it no longer works. A matrix showing currently working and non-working plugins would be great!
Thanks for this useful thread.
Too bad the original post cannot be edited to keep the "main list" up to date.
I`m on this as we speak, time to test the lot.

Please wait and I will post a link to my site that will host a db.

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