Problem with TV Shows section (library issue?)

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EMHMark3 Offline
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I recently switched from XBMC/xbox to XBMC/MacMini, and found out about this awesome skin Smile I setup two shares that contains my movies and tvshows, and set the scrappers accordingly. Everything initially worked great, but now my tv shows section just shows an empty screen with three 'No Thumb' icons. The Movies section, on the other hand, still works fine. Looking into the MyVideos34.db file, I see empty tables for tvshow*. Trying to remove the the tvshows source from the library, cleaning the library and rescanning doesn't seem to do anything (it doesn't seem to be rescanning the share either.) What's going on here?

This is what I get in the log when I try to access the TV Shows sections:

21:19:03 T:2686967712 M:1374515200   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (videodb://2/2/)
21:19:03 T:2686967712 M:1374515200   DEBUG:   ParentPath = [videodb://2/2/]
21:19:03 T:2686967712 M:1374515200 WARNING: CUtil::GetMatchingSource... no matching source found for [videodb://2/2/]
21:19:03 T:2686967712 M:1374515200   ERROR: CVirtualDirectory::GetDirectory(videodb://2/2/) matches no valid source, getting root source list instead
21:19:03 T:2686967712 M:1374515200   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(videodb://2/2/) failed
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Post a debug log of when you scan your shows to

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skunkm0nkee Offline
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Make sure you are using a suitable view, like the Wide view for TV Shows
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EMHMark3 Offline
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Hm odd, I did a 'check for new content' to post a debug log, and it detected everything correctly.. Had to redownload all shows information, but now it works.
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