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Rewind goes in Fast Forward + short Audio loop
This also happens with audio over HDMI when fast-forwarding up to 16x speed
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is there any other bug that is so old? this bug was reported one and a half year ago ...

i got a nightly build from the coming new version. i thought that it has a new internal player. but there is stil the old problem. i really can't understand your priorities. your mediasoftware can't rewind movies - but juhu - we have weather fanarts and all the other sh....

it could really spoil your movie night if someone says "what has he said?" - "wait i rewind the movie. oh shit it goes forward ... just wait ... i start the movie from the beginning and fast forward it ... just a moment it could go even faster ... oh shit ... too far ...."

that's the moment when people tell me that they like the "normal" dvd-player ...

after all there is less bucking / stuttering at the playback of iso files in the new version ...

vlc has also some problems with iso files ... there is some little stuttering too ... you could see it in pan shots ... but there i could increase the cache in the settings ... and that's enough to fix the problem ...
There is already a ticket, if it is this problem.
~Ticket No.9000.
hi ...

thats not the problem ... yes, there is a ticket (at least one):

but this ticket is there for 18 month ... and as i saw the last nightly build i thought that it will be there for ever ....

ok. it is freeware ... and many people work on this software. but i don`t understand why they don't work on this bug. it seems to be in every platform version and here in the forum are many threads to the problem. every few month someone new reports the bug. ticket is closed. ticket is reopened. and so on. but the bug is always there. and we are not talking about 3d-vision support or something like that ... only a "simple" rewinding of movies. i think a mediaplayer software should be able to control a dvd movie ...
it's not that simple in video streaming. You need to stop the stream, jump back, play a frame, stop stream, jump back etc... Currently xbmc is not doing this. That's why there's a "bug". I would recommend the devs to disable the rewind button. VLC doesn't have a rewind function either (they use the same libraries).
Voyager-xbmc, stop saying xbmc isn't doing that.. it is trying to do just that... Just not so well on some sources. If you run at larger than 2x rewind it usually works okey. 2x rewind is just very hard.
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I have noticed that my dvd ISO files on my windows 7 Dharma build of XBMC also FFWs when I press the rewind button as well. I realize that this is a difficult issue to solve, but I was surprised to see it in such a well developed product such as XBMC.
Has there been any resolution to this? I am running version of xbmc 10.1 on ubuntu 10.04

In my eyes this is really a MAJOR bug. I really cant understand why this isn't solved.
I have been testing all day long with this. All original DVD's do fast forward when trying to rewind. Pressing skip backwards restarts the movie from the beginning or just shuts the movie down. Some movies ends up where you can see the warning about copying and stuff. If I do a bookmark and try to play the movie from there, the movie shuts down. If I play a ISO, the rewind and skip works fine.

I have tested out some different media players today.

VLC. as someone said. don't even have a rewind button.

With "Media Portal", both rewind and skip backwards works fine. The difference is that when rewinding in "Media Portal" the screen pause till you stop rewinding (Is that how they solved this?).

Windows media player classic don't have rewind either, but skip backwards works fine.

This bug is almost as a little turd on shiny diamond. XBMC is the best thing since the wheel was invented, so it beats me why this bug is unresolved.
Just random searching the forums today on lingering issues to see if any fixes have cropped up. I have library as iso files on unraid box, and still experience the FF when trying to rewind on a windows frodo install and a pivos linux/xbmc build. I've seen it with every build version I have tried as far as I can remember. I get that rewind is hard to do... but some alternative would be nice. Perhaps turn the default rewind behavior into fixed backwards steps? Dunno. Makes watching a movie a one shot deal... like TV before DVR! Smile

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