.nfo files - Please help
Since I have multiple xbmc's throughout the house pointing to the same smb share, I decided that nfo files were a better route than imdb/themoviedb scraping. However, I can't get them to work.

Before I begin troubleshooting and posting debug logs, I wanted to confirm that my understanding of what I've read on the wiki and the forums is correct.

I had Movie Info Plus scrape my movies and TV shows and create nfo, fan art and posters. When I go into one of my movie folders (structured like this: /server/share/movie name/movie.avi, and XBMC source points to /server/share with the "Use folder names for lookups enabled) and run a library update it fails to see any of the nfo files. Now, a good portion of these movies were already scraped via imdb, so I deleted them from the library and forced a re-update, which again didn't pull the nfo and images I loaded in with movie info plus.

Is my understanding correct that when adding a new movie to the library it will first look to the nfo file then scrape the online source only of the nfo doesn't exist? If so, I can start creating debug logs to troubleshoot but I want to make sure I'm not doing something stupid first.

Also I'm running Atlantis (8.1), the Live edition.
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