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Changing thumbnail size in info view
Hi guys,

I'm using bluray and hddvd thumbnails (tbn-files) with info view. Because aspect ratio of bluray case differs from dvd case and movie poster, i would like to change the size of my thumbs and frames.

I can change the size in other views, but i can't find the right xml-file to do it in info view. Any ideas?

I can edit CommonContent.xml to get unfocused thumbs for right aspect ratio, but I can't change aspect ratio of focused thumb. When I change width values of thumb and frame, it just moves them and keeps the same aspect ratio.

Edit: Found it. Had to edit: effect type="zoom"...
I'm pretty pleased with result. Here's screen grab if some one is interested.
123ccd Wrote:Edit: Found it. Had to edit: effect type="zoom"...
Can you tell me where exactly in the CommonContent.xml?
There are a bunch of 'effect type="zoom"' lines...
It was on line 2052.
That was to change the movie poster size.
I had to also make changes for tv-shows, but I can't remember where that was.
I don't really know much about xml, so I just go with trial and error.

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Changing thumbnail size in info view51