[RELEASE] PokerStars TV - Poker Video Plugin

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xmcnuggetx Offline
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Thumbs Up  [RELEASE] PokerStars TV - Poker Video Plugin
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Actually created the plugin for boxee and don't have xbmc setup but I think it should work here since everything I followed was for xbmc Smile

Let me know if it works and what you think Smile

[Image: screenshot1.jpg]

The plugin plays videos from either the channels section of the website or the pros section. Let me know what you think.

This is my first attempt at plugin development and python in general Wink


Almost forgot to mention big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the svn and especially Voinage for the tutorial. It was a major help in learning the language.
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queeup Offline
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Yea its working fine on xbmc. Hmm ok then your second mission is BigPicture plugin. I want bigpicture plugin from youRolleyes

hehehe just a jokeLaugh Nice work, Thx for this one
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lkraav Offline
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is this plugin available anywhere?

edit: downloaded it as boxee app and installed as xbmc plugin, works nice, thanks to the author.
looks like the commercial clips mess it up a little bit, sending the content clip to the background, but no biggie.
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DrkRavenBrow Offline
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I tried downloading it from the link and the it says the link site is not found 404 error. Anyone else having this problem?
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brentonmac Offline
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Bump. Anyone got this addon somewhere I can download it? Smile

Or is there another way to get the pokerstars.tv videos?
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thebearnecessit Offline
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(2010-09-21 10:18)brentonmac Wrote:  Bump. Anyone got this addon somewhere I can download it? Smile

Or is there another way to get the pokerstars.tv videos?

sorry to bump an old thread but i thought i'd put an update in the thread in case anyone else found the thread via google like i did.

its not good news. the boxee app worked with xbmc at one time, but now the boxee app doesn't work at all (not even with boxee).

here's the info:


i'd love to have pokerstars.tv available through xbmc. post her3e or pm me if anyone knows of a way to do it.
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mckrogh Offline
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Can someone make this work? Would be awesome!
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