MiniMeedia - Test Version v0.60 (06/03/2009)

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skunkm0nkee Offline
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Here is an updated package of the skin as I've made quite a few changes, tweaks and fixes over the last few days (thanks for all the feedback): MiniMeedia v0.60

The Music and Music Vis screens should be a lot more usable in this version and also I've added an early version of the file manager screen too.
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Team Razorfish
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No comments, I guess I can take that one of 2 ways:
  • No one has actually tried it
  • People have tried it, love it and can't find any problems worth mentioning
    • I'm going to plump for the latter Wink
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Team Razorfish
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I'm trying to find my feet after my holiday and figure out exactly where I am with the skin and what still needs to be done. In doing this I've managed to work out what changes I made recently so I thought I may as well post the changes that were included in the 0.60 release.

Changes were as follows:
  • Fixed window close animation for settings screens
  • Increased size of focus text in sub menus on home
  • Updated position of volume dialogs
  • Added label to show content type with list view (video content only so far)
  • Fixed position of focused text in home sub menus
  • Added option to hide content type display
  • Added content type display to Poster Info view
  • Tidied up content type display to include missing types
  • Added option to hide content type display to skin settings screen
  • Fixed disappearing of Showcase view when item has no thumb (such as parent folder)
  • Added content type display to Showcase view
  • Fixed navigation from Options Menu to Showcase view
  • Switched content type display to be hidden by default (no real need for both media count and content type)
  • Added Media Count to all views
  • Added option to hide Media Count
  • Changed buttons to use title2 font by default
  • Tidied up Music OSD buttons
  • Added Lyrics button to Music OSD
  • Added option to set path to lyrics script
  • Removed Profiles from System sub-menu (it's available from the Settings menu)
  • Tidied up System Info screen as well as transitions to/from it
  • Added Music Now Playing to System Info screen
  • Added new player control images
  • Updated Music OSD to use the new player control images
  • Tidied up Player Control images further and added images for missing controls
  • Tweaked the sizing and positioning of the music OSD player controls
  • Added intial File Manager screen
  • Updated context menu so that it fits better on File Manager screen
  • Added option to allow users to specify that they use portrait thumbs for TV Shows
  • Updated TV Show Info dialog and List view to work when portrait TV Shows are used
  • Added option to show minimal video osd when paused or when showing info
  • Tidied up Music OSD slightly
  • Updated File Browser dialog to slide in from top right
  • Made date and time text slightly larger
  • Fixed conditions for showing minimal video OSD
    • Now I just need to crack on and tidy up the fonts and add some more views
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