can't load browsed subtitles
been runing xbmc for quiet some time now and really appreciate the tremendous work all of u guys been doing.
still there's few glitches that i've want to solve and cant seem to find out any solution, mainly subtitles loading problems.
when ever i'm trying to load subtitle through the browse option nothing really happens, i mean the subs look like they've loaded and i can see an entry in the spinner indicating the loaded subs but no subtitle appears on the screen.

here is the debug log, as u can see i'm trying to load subs for The.Brothers.Grimm film but just after GUI_MSG_WINDOW_DEINIT is done the problem occurs.

i've tried looking for solution and saw few posts regarding the "Adjust refresh rate"
thought it didn't fix it for me.

10x again Smile
Quote:19:38:52 T:2758638480 M: 76066816 ERROR: OpenStream - Unable to create subtitle parser
19:38:52 T:2758638480 M: 76066816 WARNING: OpenSubtitleStream - Unsupported stream 0. Stream disabled.

The file format of your subtitles does not seem to be supported. What kind of subtitles are these. AFAIK only text-subtitles (.srt) work properly atm.
i should have mention that if i set the same name for the sub as the movie name then it works just fine, problem only happens when browsing for subtitle.

oh and it's hebrew srt.
Yes, experiencing the same issue for the last month or so (I'm at r18600 now). It used to work, but at some point seemed to got broken. Here is the post I did 2-3 weeks ago:

all logs & system info is in there. So, at least now I know it's not only me Smile. It does happen with _text_ SRT subtitles, as was mentioned when they are browsed for.

A small addition to the findings from before: when you rename the subtitle file to be of the same name as the main movie and start the movie, subs would display correctly. Then, if you _browse_ for that same SRT file, you'd notice _two_ subtitle sources (obviously, both of them refering to the same file). But only the 'first' one that was not browsed for and was loaded automatically at the movie load time would be displayed correctly. If you select the 'reference' that was browsed for, the subs would disappear.

I was about to go to the source code at some point, as the issue should be relatively simple, but didn't get a chance yet.........

So, I guess no one had a chance to look into it yet then.

I can confirm I also have this issue
Me too. Sad

Used to work before, using the r17541 PPA build. After upgrading to r18760 I have the exact same issue and the exact same error message in the debug log as "volenin".
I also have problem with SRT-s. Tried str file rename trick and must admit that it works Smile
Should be fixed with r18956.

the same thing happens now to .sub files.
and once again with the current version, why is that? it used to work just fine.
sub/idx subs have been broken for a long time if they ever worked at all
No, the SRT subs are not working again. Got broken sometime after 19501. I'm at 19715 now.

So, the SRT subs are broken again (with the same errors in the log - see previous posts from a while ago).
Browsed srt should be working again as of r19726. sub/idx don't appear to have ever been implemented in the SDL ports, mplayer handled them for us on xbox.
All right, thanks - will try.
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