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I found a bug when you go into TV Shows Library it shows Movies on the top of all the screens on each page. As a suggestion we should have the option to star rate the songs like PM3 and PM3 HD for example. Another suggestion can we have bigger picture icons for the login screen. I still use wide icons but maybe its time for me to switch to poster icons as I find a lot of skins are opting to leave out the banners. I love the sleek feeling of this skin and I want to use it as my default but I need some of these things corrected first.
Perhaps leonardo should put the skin up on Skinning SVN if he dont have the time to develop it, then someone else can pick up Smile
I always presumed X stood for Xbox -

To be honest i don't want (for the moment) my perceptions changing since for while yet i will stick with my xbox.

So just for the sake of nitpicking Wink What does the X stand for

BTW the link on the first page is invalid

theuni Wrote:Looks great, though refuses to work in linux. I suspect case-sensitive issues.

Also, please note that the program's name is XBMC or XBMC Media Center. Not Xbox Media Center. May seem like a nitpick, but it goes a long way to changing people's perception of the program.

WTF?! You're diggin out an ancient thread just to ask for the X? And yes, it is from Xbox.
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I knew the answer to the stupid question Laugh was more of a joke that.... So what does the X stand for now Big Grin

no dude i dug up the thread to ask about the skin, the link on the first page is now invalid, and would like to try the skin out.

vdrfan Wrote:WTF?! You're diggin out an ancient thread just to ask for the X? And yes, it is from Xbox.

Edit: I found the skin via SVNRepo Installer
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