A couple suggestions / questions
First I'd like to say thanks for the new skin, I'm really enjoying it.

I was browsing my movie collection in Showcase view and a friend noticed that from a distance its hard to read the movie title unless you're viewing on a large screen. The suggestion is simply to have an option to remove the genre tags and make the titles larger. Big Grin

The other suggestion is on the home menu I noticed that the spaces between each word aren't the same, this is especially noticeable between music and games. Would it be possible to have exact spacing between each item?

Also I know it was mentioned before, but is there any way to get "applications"
back in the home menu?
[MOD] Remove genre, increase movie name text in showcase
Just noticed that, really liking the MOD. Also I had another question, that may or maynot be a bug, but when you go to Settings > Video > Player > Configure Audio Hardware it takes me to this page instead of the intended:


Also, when on that page I can't select any of the items on the left pane.
its a bug look here for the fix
Thanks for the fix!
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A couple suggestions / questions00