Aeon-specific meta-media information index

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I've added the recommended sizes. I am hesitant to add moviename.nfo, moviename-fanart.jpg, and moviename.tbn because I thought those only worked with multiple movies in a single folder? Again I will have to test when I get a chance (or if somebody can confirm please do)

I am not going to add the info for file-level movies (multiple movies per folder) because it's not really supported by Aeon anyway.
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Quote:added: Multiplex view for Movies

Extra thumbs stored in subfolder of individual movie folder called
"extrathumbs". The large thumb/no plot view will pull whatever images are
in that folder and loop them as a slideshow. The two thumbs and plot view
looks for files "thumb1.jpg" and "thumb2.jpg", again in the "extrathumbs"
folder, so be sure to call two of your extra thumbs by those names.


Silent Running/extrathumbs/thumb1.jpg
Silent Running/extrathumbs/thumb2.jpg
Silent Running/extrathumbs/<any additional images>

I've never got the slideshow to work though.
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