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[MOD] JMarshall's DialogSliders Mod for xTV
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I still love your skin 2 years later. Here is a mod I created to add jmarshalls new DialogSliders to xTV. Enjoy, just unzip it into Pal.

Screen shot, showing audio, but all OSD sliders behave this way.
Couldnt get it to work on Mac. Maybe different remote mappings.

What happens:

Press Play/Pause button on Mac remote.

No seek bar appears, but can navigate left and right.

Click Play again and menu window open.

Try, for example, to change Ratio and nothing happens.

Should work fine, I have the newest xTV, and the most current build of XBMC. The screen shot is from the Windows PC version, but it works the same on Xbox. A current build is very important, jmarshall implemented it just a little bit ago, I'm not sure what it would work like on a earlier build. My xTV has timestamps of 1/1/2009, and my XBMC was created on 5/5/2009. If you have all those, and still have problems, let me know, I'll see what I can do.

I access them by opening up the OSD menu, and then selecting either "Audio" or "Video" from there. On the PC I use the "M" key, then right arrow over to either of those settings, and "Enter".
Ive got XBMC 9.04 r19953 5/5/2009.

xTV is the same.

Maybe its the remote key mappings?
Not new enough. It was finalized in r20088 (i.e. after 9.04).
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply. Will update and retest.
jmarshall, is there a way to let up/down move through the remaining sliders in settings. ie, you have audio offset on the screen, and pressing down will switch it to subtitle offset. The same for video sliders.

[MOD] JMarshall's DialogSliders Mod for xTV00