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[LINUX] Help with Intel DG45FC graphics drivers for Linux?
I have a DG45FC motherboard this board has a G45 Express Chipset which has X4500HD GMA on it. This chipset supports OpenGL 2.0/2.1. I have downloaded the latest graphic driver from Intel and installed it but XBMC still says that I am using the MS default OpenGL drivers and I need to download the latest OpenGL from my Video Card manufacture. I am using Vista.

I used GLView and it says the OpenGL version on my computer is 1.1.

What am I doing wrong or were do I get the OpenGL drivers for the X4500HD and X4500 video chipset. I looked every where.
Bumping this thread in case anyone knows more - I have the same issue with a GMA 500 graphics chipset. Intel drivers installed, but still seeing Microsoft as the VENDOR_ID and only OpenGL 1.1 support. (I'm aware that this is a driver issue rather than an XBMC issue, but someone out there hopefully knows more than I do about the current driver situation!)

i have EXACTLY the same issues. bought dell inspiron mini (with hdmi) intending to ONLY run xbmc to the tv. but it comes up with "Ms default OpenGl drivers detected. Please get opengl drivers from your video card vendor"

but intel says i am running the latest for the GMA 500.
Hey Guys, I'm using the DG45FC and really would like to use XBMC Live. Any change something will happen on the X4500HD front?

I pretty new to XBMC on a PC used it on my xBox for ages and just loved the boot time and Funtions. To bad it didn't work with HD Sad

Thanks Fire
Just install newer alsa, it works perfectly then.

I use my Intel DG45FC perfectly with latest XBMC Live and newer alsa.
Next XBMC Live will contain the needed drivers though and should work out of the box, but I don't dare to promise anything as we haven't begun testing yet.

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Hello Tobias,

Thanks a lot so far. Could you point me to a direction on how to install the alsa driver?

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!


[LINUX] Help with Intel DG45FC graphics drivers for Linux?00