Editing Evox menu
Hi All,

I guess it's not really a xbmc question but I can't find the basic info I'd like anywhere Sad So I thought to give it a go here.

I would like to edit the evox.ini file. Leave out some options I don't use and leave out the "Chameleon Mode" option because the guy who sold it to me was like: "don't ever choose that option or you'll wreck your box"

I'm planning to do it as explained in the steps below. Could someone tell me if this is going to work ?

- I downloaded evox.ini to my comp.
- The menu section currently looks like this:
- I edited the menu section to:
Is this menu going to work ?
- I saved the edited evox.ini :
fliename: evox.ini
save as type: all files

Now for the transfer. Can I start up xbmc, log in via ftp from my comp, and just overwrite the evox.ini file in C:\evox.ini ?
Or is this a very bad idea ? Can evox.ini be overwritten when running xbmc or is it going to be in use ?

Thanks in advance.
Google has plenty information on the subject, and there's an entire forum at xbox-scene.com

Thanks for the reply.

I have searched and read the info I could find and I'm pretty sure the way I edited the menu, as shown below, should work fine.
The thing is that all the info seems to be on how to edit the content of the evox.ini file. I can't find any info on how to actually replace the file safely via FTP. I don't know if it's even possible to just overwrite it via FTP without wrecking my box.

Sorry if I'm being a n00b here but this really basic info is pretty hard to find.

This is the edited [Menu] section

Section "Root"
        Item "Xbox Media Player - XBMC","f:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe"
        Section "System Management"
                Item "System Settings",ID_Settings
                Section  "Launch Apps from HD"
                                Line "- Media and File Managers -",2
                                Item "Dvd2Xbox Media Copier","e:\Apps\Dvd2Xbox\default.xbe"
                                Item "PxHDD Loader","e:\Apps\HDDLoader\default.xbe"
                                Item "Xbox File Explorer","e:\Apps\boXplorer\default.xbe"
                                Line "- Auto Added Items -",2
                                AutoAddItem "e:\Apps\"
                Item "Game Management on Xbox HD","e:\Apps\HDDLoader\default.xbe"
                Item "Game and Media Backup Tool","e:\Apps\DvD2XboX\default.xbe"
                Item "Choose a Different Skin",ID_Skins
                Item "MS Dashboard ",ID_MS_Dash
        Item "Reboot Xbox",ID_Quick_Reboot
        Item "Power OFF Xbox",ID_Power_Off
I'm not an expert on EvoX, I've only used it once a few years back from a boot cd to install XBMC as a dashboard. But if I were you, I would make an EvoX boot cd, just in case, I would back up the working evox.ini, make you changes and see if it works. If something doesn't work you can boot off EvoX from the CD and install back the original evox.ini that worked. And yes, I think you can upload the evox.ini through FTP, it's just an ini file, thats usually read by the application, shouldn't be locked for writing so you can't overwrite though FTP me thinks.
Well, I just did it Smile I put the evox.ini on C;\ as described in my opening post and all is fine.
The menu looks exactly liike I wanted it to look now, woohoo Smile
good job Smile

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