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Working Solution: 720p/HD movies on your XBOX (using DiVX)
Can i just set it to 4gb which is the xbox's file limit.
You mean cut it at 4gb, and leave the other part? You can do that, but you'll still have two files to deal with or you will lose the end of the movie. I don't know what's the problem with just splitting your movie into two smaller parts so the xbox can handle it though.
If you split the movie file into two parts, you can copy each to the console's HDD, and have XBMC treat them as one file ("stacking"). Basically you give each part the same filename, but stick a 1, 2, etc on the end.

If you want to encode a video to take up exactly 4gb, you'll need to calculate the bitrate to use based on the duration (remember, video bitrate + audio bitrate = total bitrate).

Take your duration in seconds, divide by your total filesize (4gb is four times two to the power of thirty), multiply by eight (to convert bytes to bits). That's your total allowable bitrate.
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You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
Hi, great guide that works almost always - however, I have problems with that the DGAVCindex crashes or "freezes" sometimes.

What happens is that staxrip gets stuck in the "preparer" state after the demuxing. No .dga file is produced.

Anyone seen the same?

EDIT: here's th log where it stops:

Demux and index AVC using DGAVCIndex by extension

"C:\Users\Tompa\AppData\Local\StaxRip\Applications\DGAVCIndex\DGAVCIndex.exe" -i "D:\film\Terminator\Terminator temp files\Terminator" -o "D:\film\Terminator\Terminator temp files\Terminator.dga" -a -h -e

Preparer: Demux and index AVC using DGAVCIndex by extension
Heh, I kinda found the problem myself - at least for this specific file, it seems that there was something fishy with the beginning of the original file, so I used mkvMerge and splitted the file after 10s, then the second file was ok Smile

It is now being re-encoded to Divx HD for the good' ole' XBOX Big Grin
I tried this method a couple months back, and it worked flawlessly converting a 720pmkv to an avi.
However, with the most recent versions of Divx and StaxRip I am having troubles.
Setting the audio to AC3 at 192, produces a file that just has slight static for sound or no sound at all. Currently I'm trying to do an MP3 and see if that works. Thats all using the .reg provided, the settings I can change in the basic DIVX, and an AVI container.

Any ideas on the AC3 not working?


Install AVISYNTH to encode AC3 audio. Working again now. No that didn't fix it. Uhg. Don't know why its not working.
pulck Wrote:Handbrake looks pretty limited to me. I can't find any way of setting a maximum bitrate, as required by the original guide.

Like Hansen, I think Mencoder might be the way to go on Linux, but the command line options are quite bewildering for a newbie like me and there doesn't appear to be a decent GUI available.

This is what I'm trying at the moment to convert a 1280x720 MKV source file into something playable on the Xbox:

mencoder INPUTFILENAME.mkv -o OUTPUTFILENAME.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=6300 -oac copy -of avi

I'm presuming this will clamp the bitrate to a max of 6300.


Hmmm, it's peaking over 6300 bps. Seems to play without dropped frames for the few minutes I watched, even when streamed wirelessly from my PC, but I'd like to know why it's peaking above 6300 bps. Will have to dig around in the Mencoder options.

Hope this response is included before the forum freeze. I use the following command lines for mencoder in linux. I made them using info from this thread, http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/men...codec.html and http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML/en/men...-dvd.html:

For movies/series:

mencoder -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -lavcopts vqmin=3:vqmax=6:vmax_b_frames=2:mbd=2:v4mv:
-lameopts abr:br=192 -o divx-encoded.avi h264-original.mkv

For anime:

mencoder -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -lavcopts vqmin=3:vqmax=6:vmax_b_frames=2:mbd=2:v4mv:
-lameopts abr:br=192 -o divx-encoded.avi h264-original.mp4

If you want more info. and the forum is closed pm me.
tusko Wrote:Hope this response is included before the forum freeze. I use the following command lines for mencoder in linux.

Hi Tusko,

This is brilliant - I'll give it a try!

However, on an older post I was told by Funkytown that Mencoder doesn't support DivX, only Xvid. The difference is that DivX supports a max. peak bitrate whereas Xvid doesn't and will peak above the max. rate you set.

I can't work out from your options which codec you're using. Is it definitely DivX and do your encodes definitely not peak over 6300 bps?
Of course it supports divx. Check mencoder lavcopts:


Quote:-lavcopts <option1:option2:...>
If encoding with a codec from libavcodec, you can specify its parameters here.

-lavcopts vcodec=msmpeg4:vbitrate=1800:vhq:keyint=250

Available options are:

use the specified codec (there is no default, you must specify it):

mjpeg: Motion JPEG
h263: H263
h263p: H263 Plus
mpeg4: DivX 4/:5
msmpeg4: DivX 3
rv10: an old RealVideo codec
mpeg1video: MPEG1 video :)

This is the current manual page. In my manual page mencoder assumes mpeg4 by default. If yours is more modern maybe you should add vcodec=mpeg4 to lavcopts.

Later, in the same page:

maximum bitrate in kbit/:sec (pass 1/:2)
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Working Solution: 720p/HD movies on your XBOX (using DiVX)53