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Vista 32 HDMI Acer X1200 HTPC

I got the sound to work for some mkv files through hdmi and through my AVR. The files I am using are 720p x264 mkv's.

However, other mkv files have no audio whatsoever. Are there different ways the audio is encoded in the x264 mkv files? Could this be a xbmc issue or hdmi driver issue or what?

I'm in no way an expert on this, but I will still give you my opinion on what I believe is going wrong Smile.

MKV can basically contain audio streams in any kind of formats (DTS, AC3, AAC etc..). Most HDMI capable graphic cards/motherboards are only capable of transferring a limited amount of formats.

Also the receiver or TV would have to be capable of decoding that specific format. In other words if you send a DTS stream to your TV, it will most likely not be able to figure out what to do with it.

From what I have seen you can in windows select formats your receiver is capable of in the control panel. Also I don't understand how XBMC handles all this, but I would just for the lols try changing between analog and digital in XBMC sound settings. Because I believe actually on my HTPC I have set XBMC as analogue, even though it is sending the sound through HDMI, and it works xD

So basically I believe that either you have wrong setting in windows control panel, or in XBMC.
I had this issue and had to set all sound output to Analog, sadly. If there is a way to auto detect, I don't know.
There's really no shame in letting XBMC do the decoding. 5.1 PCM sound should sound exactly the same as the sound decoded from your receiver. The receiver won't have pretty DTS and Dolby Digital symbols lighting up, but it'll do a good job regardless.

Side note: mkv files are only containers for other things like h264 video and dts and ac3 audio. If that wasn't already clear. If, for example, your receiver can only decode AC3 (aka dolby digital) audio, you'll hear silence with DTS, AAC, and other audio formats, unless you allow XBMC to do the decoding.
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