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Dual Display - Dual Sound
So I was thinking about adding a 2nd display to my HTPC. Basically i am wanting to be able to start a movie/tv show on my home theatre, swap it to the 2nd lcd display so my daughters can watch it, and then switch the tv to the wii or ps3 and play (so they dont have to watch me play Tiger).

I found an app on these forums that will swap XBMC to the 2nd display that seems to work with the couple tests i did. But my problem is with the sound. I would like to have a set of wireless head phones or a 2nd set of speakers to run the sound. havent figured out a way to be able to swap from the normal (optical audio) that i run to a secondary audio, and then swap back again later.

I figure i need to find a way to either...
1. automatically swap between audio ports (optical to line out)
2. automatically swap between pci sound card to the internal card

*by automatically i mean with an app or bat file that i can kick off with event ghost.

anybody have any ideas?
btw, im sorry if this is the wrong forum group. i thought about putting this in the Off Topic or whatever section but it said i didnt have rights.
Thanks in adv.
I have accomplished my goal. I know there are many ways of going about this but i ended up using the following.

ultramon to start xmbc on the 2nd display
quick sound switch to switch the audio device (
event ghost to control it all

it took a little bit of work, but i can hit one button on my harmony remote and xmbc closes, the default sound card is switched, and xbmc is started on the lcd in my living room. i got some wireless headphones plugged into that sound card. if i hit another button on the remote the reverse of the above happens and audio is back to my receiver in 5.1 and video is back on the old 65" hdtv.

all is well. love xmbc as always.

Dual Display - Dual Sound00