Installed XBMC Live on a 320GB HD, made a 4gb partition? - Can i use the rest?

I installed xbmc live on a 320gb parititon, however xbmc only grabbed 4gb or this partition i think. Is there anyway i can tell linux to grab the rest to so i can use this left over space? It's not a huge deal but would be nice.

Follow up question would be: Can i configure linux to automaticly share a folder (using this left over space) on SMB so i can drag drop to it from other windows clients on the network?

Thanks, for the help!
Of course you can. Look into partitioning (fdisk or maybe a gui version that is easier on noobs).
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and then share it using samba.
(deja vu)

You need to look up:

1) First create partition
2) mount partition
3) Share folder with samba

If you prefere to do this in a GUI (share by right click like in win) install a full ubuntu desktop instead of live
I do know how to make a partition, i'm just very bad with linux.

Couldn't i just boot linux using a ubuntu bootcd and use the gui to format/create partition/share it on smb? Any guides how to do this?

Thanks for the help guys.
There are tons of guides. Just google it.

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Installed XBMC Live on a 320GB HD, made a 4gb partition? - Can i use the rest?0
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