Games won't play after soft mod
I soft modded my xbox to XBMC from the website instructables and then "easiest way to soft mod an xbox" I do not know what version of XBMC i have but I can't play tetris worlds/mech assaut/starwars on my xbox now teh other games seem to play but I havent tried all of my games, but why won't my games not work now they are in good condition. My friend said revert it back to evolution x and use that but idk how and I really don't that that would be necessary but is there a downloadable patch to make the games work or what because now idk if a new game i buy will work or not. Also this si not a 360 its an original xbox and could it be something that i downloaded that coulda corrupted something i do have a few emulators etc etc and could somebody send me a link on how to make an extra hardrive work for the xbox i havent attempted it yet becuase i bet micrsoft isnt dumb and youd have to format the hard drive first. I am good with tech (or soi think) but simple step by step instructions are always welcome.

Plz let me know if there is any information missing that is needed tyvm
checkout, your issue would be better answered there, your issue isn't directly xbmc related.
discs that have multiple games on them will not play with the soft mod unless you turn off auto play and navigate inside the game folder using File Manager and selecting default.xbe once inside the game folder. It won't read the default.xbe file inside the root folder since it doesn't load a game, but it wants to load a game selection screen which isn't supported once you do the soft mod.
When posting about a problem please submit a debug log to give you the best chance at getting an answer. It's easy, painless, and helps provide necessary information.
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