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If anyone wants to finish Alaska...
Nopel Wrote:Well that's just insulting to the bunch of talented guys who've actually created complete working skins.

No, it's not insulting.

To say if a skin is "pretty" is a subjective opinion.

My subjective opinion is, that only djh_'s skins are pretty.

I know that there are a lot of other amazing skins out there, but in my opinion, subjectively, they are not pretty.

djh_ Wrote:I'll consider myself a consumer from now on, waiting impatiently (of course!) for phyek and minimalko to finish their opus, which must be a no-brainer for best up-and-coming XBMC skin. Just knowing how phyek works and how high he sets his standards leaves me in little doubt.

Our opus is being sabotaged by too many compromises that need to be made due to skinning engine limitations. After all no one knows more about those than you.

Good luck finding ideal UI (which hasnt been made yet), I so feel your pain.

Standards you have set for look of skins are highly appreciated, however often ignored by many.

..and thanks for making first aeon which attracted me to XBMC in first place.

Just wanted to say thanks DJH, your work has always been amazing, you raised the bar for how the UI's interact and flow, and you have done a hell of a job with all the projects.

My hat's off to you. Thanks for everything and for all your hard work.

You ROCK dude.
- fekker
Thanks for everything, djh. All the best for the future.
Many thanks for all your hard work. It really has not gone unappreciated.
Thanks for your amazing skin djh and good luck in everything.

I was actually talking to my wife on the weekend and showing her the updated XBMC setup that I did which includes newest SVN plus your Aeon modded by Hitcher and she asked me do these guys get paid, how come they do it for free.

I told her it is probably for their love of XBMC and passion as an artist, they she asked me does not it tkae a good chunk of time to do this and I told her yes and that I know some that after working for a bit on a skin, they just don't have the time anymore. I'll update her today with what is happening.

Again thanks and good luck.
thanx duncan for all hard work and inspiration you've added to the skinning community, this actually goes to all skinners who make XBMC as beautiful as it actually can be. It's incredible what talented artist can conjure up.

Life must take precedence though so all the best to you and your future endeavours and hopefully, if time permits, you'll find a way back to XBMC Skinning.
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Thanks Duncan, you will be missed.
Thanks for all the great things you brought to the XBMC community, djh! And ofcourse the best of luck for all your new challenges!
Big ups to you Duncan. I started using Aeon a long time ago and that skin made XBMC the best thing on the market by a long way.

I got the impression that the skinning bar was definitely raised with that work and things just keep getting better. It's a great time to be a supporter of XBMC.

I'm still amazed at the great ideas that you and others have come up with.

All the best, hopefully we'll see you here again.
thx for all Djh, your skins is part of my decision to take xbmc as mediacenter.
and now i try to give my work to the community (thank for multiplex thumbs you've introduce !)

take care of you
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Never used Aeon myself, but I respect the work and appreciate the effects it has had on other skin developers.
Alaska is my default skin, imo the best out there.

Thanks for your contributions and enjoy your life

//Fellow consumer Smile
you'll be missed man. you'll be missed. loved both aeon and alaska.

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