"My Music" Seekbar, audio control panel
hi there,

i've seen many topics on ffwd-ing mp3's and i must admit that this is the only lack of feature that's bugging me too. i know this is sort of solved in the newer cvs's but i don't want to edit the keymap.xml nor do i really want to ffwd a mp3, i just want to jump to a position within a mp3.

so my suggestion is to add a seekbar to xbmc. something like this image i hacked together:


another advantage is that the same seekbar can be used on movies, which would be another great improvement. at least i think it would!

so what do you guys think of this?
nice except it'll prolly have to wait until there is a music osd.
this could be used as the music osd Smile
chokeman, could you do the seekbar graphics?

i'll look if i can implement it myself.
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"My Music" Seekbar, audio control panel00