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[REQUEST] Local image viewer
Hi everybody,

Some of you may have read that I was modifying skin to make it "touchscreen suitable"... Virtualhours is continuing the work and he's making a great job. (He has also better skills than me Sad)

After spending weeks to find all needed hacks to get the skin responding like it should we are now in a DEAD-END : XBMC's integrated image viewer CAN NOT be modified, without adding some C(++) code.
Obviously I'm not able to code C(++). Neither Virtualhours.

So I started to have a look at python script and plugins to see if it could be done in such a way...

Expected interface should be similar to this one :
This image comes from the thread started by migueld, one year ago, with all those requests (that would match more than our needs)

migueld Wrote:I'm thinking that a couple of useful functions could be here:
• Number of seconds per slide
• Slideshow effects (pan and zoom toggle)
• Rotating
• Zooming
• Picture info
• Shuffle/Repeat for pictures
• Picture counter "23/300" (very useful)
• Current music playing (and be able to control that music from within the Pictures OSD too)
• Basic info shown: Filename, date, resolution, size

The first two items would allow users to change settings on the fly, without exiting the slideshow.

Rotating and zooming be for users who don't have full-featured remotes or don't know about or don't remember which button does what.

So my questions :

Is it the correct way to consider it ?
Is there any plugin already done that would do the job that we missed during our research ?
Is there any friendly skilled python coder that have a lot of time and/or interest in such a script/plugin ?
Is there any ---------------simple----------------- script which can be modified/adapted ?

Thank you in advance for answers

Would be great if one skilled scripter could answer to this question : is python plugins the correct way to consider it...?
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