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Hey all,

My understanding is that streaming on the xbox doesn't seem to be all it used to be in the good old days of joox, stage6, and the hayday of NinjaVideos....

Anyone any recommendations for what works well these days folks? It seems most of the plugins out there use megavideo and the play limit basically makes it unusable. I've found a coouple of good anime ones and of course iplayer....

That seems to be all we have right now?

Any good quality streams that will play all the way through and won't cache all the time?

Lets work together to share our experience of the different plugins out there to aid each other in finding quality working plugins! :-D
I've tested a couple so I'll start the ball rolling:

Iplayer - works great. Great content. Problems if you're outside the UK (could be overcome with VPN tunnel or proxy).
Navi-X - Some good content but hit miss ratio between things that work and things that don't. Also note that video content isn't always the highest quality.

Anyone know anything that works well? Are there any replacements for the old stage66/joox/Ninja-video of old etc? Or anything with as much usable content as TV-Shack and tv links used to have?

The problems with megavideo seem to be the main frustration....as no1 has got round this to my knowledge....

Thanks again all, I'll post up anything else I find that works well in my trials. I'd be very grateful if others on the scene could do the same....20,000 hands make like work ;-)
Yeah I make you right, there's not too much available at present - I know Voinage released another version of TV Shack a week or so ago but haven't had time to test it out properly. The NBC plugin works great for American TV stuff and it works over here in the UK which is a bonus. For films I found Watchnewfilms to be reliable and good quality, for TV TheOnlyDevice was pretty good but I haven't tried these for a few weeks so can't confirm if they are still working or not but you can grab them from here http://code.google.com/p/sparetime/downloads/list
Thanks for your contribution. Downloading your recommendations now bro ;-)

For anime:



anivide both seem to work well and are of acceptable quality ;-)

If links are to veoh remember to use white button and select Mplayer if there isn't any sound. This fixed it the one time I hit the problem!

Btw tried a video on Ninjavideos last night (True Blood season 1 episode 1) and it wasn't running on megavideo or the rubbish one they used to use....I was actually pleasently surprised....Possibly they've changed hosts to something better again?
Well further to the previous post where a lot of great movshare and similar fast divx servers were found most of the great plugins I located through the previous recommendation have stopped working.

Which is a terrible shame.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for things that work especially if they're pretty good content. Megavideo is ok but the timelimit cap is a real issue (unless anyone has an account they;re sharing? well you have to ask!)

Here is the link showing the previously great plugins that have now been depreciated....

If anyone wants to pick up the torch be they the original author or not, and try and get them working again it'd be greatly appreciated!
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