Report changes in english strings.xml
could be that its already done but i could not find it....

when updating the strings.xml (dutch in my case) to a newer one i have to compare it with the english one. is it possible to report the last added/changed/removed id lines in the english strings.xml?so i (we) dont have to check all the lines every time again.

or does someone else have a tip about this...
you have a couple of choices.

1. use sf's cvs diff ability in the webcvs stuff. just go

and select the last version you translated and diff against the next version.

using a local diff tool such as winmerge would also do the trick, but imo would be messier.

you could also subscribe to the cvs mailing list and get updates regarding every file change if you are really keen.

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aaah thank you very much!

that info helps alot!

i went nuts by using the 'old' method.all those numbers en lines....and i easely maked mistakes...

an update should roll in any minute now..

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Report changes in english strings.xml1
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