use folder.jpg rather than filename.tbn for movie thumbnail
I've been searching the wiki and the forum for an answer and I cant quite get it, so unfortunately , I chose to post and ask , although this question has been raised numerous time.

Problem description: I would like xbmc to use existing folder.jpg as movie thumbnail rather than filename.tbn

I could not find an overwrite in <advancedsettings>

is it undocumented?
I have the same problem. According to the wiki the folder.jpg is the default for movies but it doesn't work. It seem the wiki that everyone says we should read is old and out dated.

The only thing that works is a folder.tbn. The pain is switch the jpg to tbn for 300 movies.

Hopefully you will have better luck getting someone to help you on this forum. To them the wiki is the holy grail.
i dont believe the wiki says folder.jpg is the default file use for thumbnailing "movies" although it is use for thumbnailing folder.

Hense if you navigate via "video" you'll get proper thumbnail of each of your movie "folder".

you probably end up re scraping everything with Ember Media Manager

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use folder.jpg rather than filename.tbn for movie thumbnail0
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