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[LIVE] Problem with Sound in Menus
Hit one last stumbling block before having XBMC setup perfectly:

I'm having a problem with no sound in the menu's (currently using XBMC LIVE 9.11 - Installed to Hard Drive).

I am running an Acer Revo R3610 (1GB RAM Version).

I've tried the ".asoundrc" in the /USER/.xbmc directory, and I've also tried the "asound.conf" in the /etc/ directory often quoted in many posts on the issue, but neither (nor a combination of both) is enabling sounds for me in XBMC menus.

I tried taking a look in the log, but there are only 2 or 3 lines with the "error" tag, none of which seem to relate to my menu audio issues. I also tried searching for "pcm" in the log, to no avail.

Just in case I've missed something the log is posted here (This is the log from a fresh session, started up, then pressed left and right a couple of times to try and trigger menu sounds):

Finally, in terms of Output sound devices in the setup menu I have tried:

All from thread suggestions, none of them have made any difference to menu audio.

I am connected through HDMI and unfortunately, though I have an SPDI/F port, I don't have an Amp, and my TV doesn't have an optical input so this option is ruled out for me.

Thanks in Advance!
Follow the directions in post #41 here:
Galactus Wrote:Follow the directions in post #41 here:

Hi thanks for the reply, unfortunately it didn't work for me.

Edit: Nope, scratch that, it works perfectly. Looks like inputted one of the commands incorrectly, thanks very much!

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