[MOD] Movies Library - Wallstream with Bluray/DVD cases
I change my views freq.

So I wanted to use this mod and the coverflow mod together and also the default fanart.

How should I go about doing this?

Pls help, new to XBMC
Also I'd like to continue with my previous post,

How does one go about incorporating these two mods (Cover flow and Wall Stream) with Influence MOD
I've added a sub menu to my movies home page called BluRay is there a way for this mod to work in that as it will only give me certain views and not this one. When i go to just Movies it opens up the dvdcase wall.

I applied your mod.
It works great except:

The weather fanart does not autochange with the changing wetaher outside anymore..
the wall stream info and bluray casing wont work anymore after i had updated xbmc to latest build 30385, any solution here?
Would like to add this mod to the centre menu mod, whats the best way to do this?
Does this work in the latest SVN?
Sorry peeps. I've been away from xbmc for a few months. Things have been a bit busy, changes at work and my third child will do that! I've no idea if things will work with newer versions. I can only suggest giving it a try.
aphillippe Wrote:It picks up the video resolution from the media info and displays BD case if resolution is 720 or 1080, DVD if 480, 540 or if the info hasn't been found yet.

You could do similar with the filename, rename all the files to contain ".BD.", ".HDDVD.", ".HDTV." etc. and have a corresponding .png file in the media folder. You could use whatever naming convention you wanted. Only problem is that you would have to manually rename all your files, and any new files that are added. Doing it my way limits to HD/SD, but is completely automatic.

I want to basically use the covers for confluence as well but based upon the filename as all my files have the source type listed within the actual file name.

Can you pls let me know which files I would have to edit in order to incorporate this cover mod into my version of Confluence?

I did a quick search for the png files and didnt see any reference to it, so any help would be greatly appreciated as Im a newbie in terms of looking at XML files.
How do I enable the cases on the movie thumbnails with this mod? For some reason after copying the files over I got the 2 versions of the wallstream on the skin but the dvd and blu ray disc cases are disabled automatically or something went wrong during the whole copying process which I doubt though. I tried looking for the option to enable them yet I feel very stupid because I cant seem to find it. Anyone here who can help me enable the cases or tell me what went wrong when I modded the skin?

Thanks very much in advance,

So has anyone had any luck using this with the 10.0 dharma installation?
didn't work for me Sad

I love that half wallstream; I can see enough movies to get through my collection.
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