Edit the music queue?

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pendragon Offline
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I'm wondering if I'm missing something here. I can't find a way to view or edit the music queue once songs are added to it. Other than that, it's looks like a really great theme!
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Rubberfingers Offline
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If you use a keyboard you click Space bar, and it will display whats in your play list. Music has it own play list and movies and TV programs have one that's joined between the 2. Right now the only way I know how to get in to them is space bar, but yeah it would be nice, if it would be on the right hand side or something like a hidden menu, so you could see your music/movies you want to pick and see whats in your play list too at the same time, just a idea, but yeah the only way is using space bar, I hope that helps =)
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Rocky5 Offline
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you could use the context menu to access it by picking now playing...
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