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[RELEASE] MediaStream v1.50 (2010-01-15)
Thank u, looks indeed very different and much more complicated.Laugh

Is that also the reason that the defaultbackgrounds are split up that it would be more smooth Huh

I have the feeling that it uses more memory to load split up background images.... (on xbox)
No idea about memory usage but the images are split up since multiple smaller images were quicker to load than one big image.

The other reason for splitting them (as far as I remember anyway) was so we could have the sub-menu's sliding out from under the semi-transparent blade on the left.
Could you possibly put the "Animated Media Preview" back in, it was the main reason i started using the original mediastream.
Don't think the Music Fanart is Working, Can You Please Check that Please.
Music fanart wasn't a feature when MediaStream was developed..
Also Weather fanart.... I'm sure Skunk will take a look at those features.
Yep, Music Fanart and Weather Fanart will be added at some point (hopefully soon).
One question - for the TV shows view, if you're displaying using the "Wide" option, it does something a little odd in the list.

It will say like

Mad Men 40 Episodes 40
Moden Family 2 Episodes 2

Any idea what the extra digits at the end are for?

Also, what's the difference between "Update Library" and "Scan for New Content" ?
The first number is the total number of episodes and the 2nd is the number of unwatched episodes.

I think there was a bug at one point where the total episodes was not displaying correctly (it was showing the same as unwatched episodes count) but it's been fixed in the latest code.
isamu.dragon Wrote:Could you possibly put the "Animated Media Preview" back in, it was the main reason i started using the original mediastream.

I think you might get lucky Big Grin
Was my favorit view 2, because did show the fanart and run very lite on xbox.

Did play around with MediaStream-x and looking after memory usage of each view and Media Preview takes up a lot of memory, huh... the most of all views by far.
So think I will bring back the option for animated Media Preview Wink

But if you like animated view ... try out MiniMeedia Waffa! it got a view that's pretty simular...
btw all views do show the fanart with minimal overlay
Nice to see an update for this skin.
I use InfoList to view my movie library (I find the others too slow on my system). It used to be lightning quick to scroll down through the list with 1.0 skin, but since the update its much stickier. I notice the tag icons are present now (AR, HD/SD etc), are these what is slowing it down though? (happy to have them but might disable them (if poss) to keep the speed up).

thanks again, slickest skin out there.

-skin still dosen't support pngs (renamed to tbn) with transparency?
- the now playing (sliding overlay) has lost its transparent 'card' (which the now playing info sits on). Makes it harder to read. Is it supposed to be there?
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