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Where to get the trailer from
For my Moviemeter scraper i want to add trailer functionality. But i can't find a good solution on how to do it and i don't know which website to use.

Does someone know a good way to add movietrailers to the scraper?
use common/dtrailer.xml.
I found that one to but i don't like it.
It can't found certain movies. Like Avatar and Orphan. Which are pretty new and well known movies.

But i will start testing with this one. But i was hoping more on apple movie trailers or yahoo movie trailers. But they are really difficult to scrape from.
No one knows a better trailer site then dtrailer?
Trailer Addict is a good place to get trailers and they are good qualty too there is also a official channel/page on youtube for movie trailers that are posted by the componies them self and not users and of corse there is the apple site

Trailer Addict -

youtube -

Apple -
Thanks for your reply. I will try to get one of those working in my scraper.

Where to get the trailer from00