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Visualization Development Environment

I do Perl/PHP programming at work a lot. My development environment is basically a SFTP/Notepad combination program. The Linux visualizations are getting really old for me and I used to do OpenGL on Windows(C#) years ago. I like to use trial and error, all my programming is self taught. Lots of 3D mistakes were made that I think could make for a visualization.

Compiling xbmc everytime I make a change isn't going to work. I'm sure there is a better way.

Can someone explain to me how they go from a code change to playing their viz quickly?

What's a good code editing program in Ubuntu for this?

Any other visualization programming hints are welcome. There was a thread with this topic but it is from 2005.

Great forum BTW, I've lurked it for years.


You don't need to build XBMC at all if you're making a vis - you build the vis instead. Start with one of the easy ones (eg waveform), modify it as needed, rebuild it so the .so goes into the appropriate folder. Reload the vis in XBMC and you'll get your updated .so being used. A quick way to reload the vis is to change a setting or toggle to a different vis then back to yours.

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The programming I do doesn't require building or in visual studio it did it for me. I do the ./configure, make often, but the vis doesn't build that way. Can you give an example of the build commands for just the vis?
I figured it out, I needed to run ./configure in the top directory, then I get the Makefile in the vis dir, then it's just as simple as I said.

I found Code::Blocks as an IDE, seems ok, probably overkill.

Give me a month and I'll be back with something cool.
I've got people over and they like my first one. I've got lots of ideas now.
drognan Wrote:I've got people over and they like my first one. I've got lots of ideas now.

Any new developments? I'm dissapointed in the lack of visualizations out there. I know developers have their unique areas, but I'd love to see someone with coding experience come up with some new ones.

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