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Is using this on an xbox just as good as a WDTV?
I was reading that this plays all video formats including MKV which my Wii can not play, I have an old Xbox laying around and would like to do this, I found this link to install it but do not have a Pc with IDE hdd connections.


Also the newset version seems to be released on it: http://t3ch.yi.se/

So its still up to date, I have mostly small MKV's of tv shows that are around 60mb so I do not need HD. This would play bigger AVI tv shows about 200mb also right?

Any help would be very very much appreciated. I was gonna buy a WDTV but this seems much more to my budget, I just need to have my Xbox access my PC folders right?
they will not answer you here aboout that as they do not support xbox anymore..your best bet is to look into a softmod through a game exploit like mechassult,splinter cell(the first one)or 007 agent under fire....this is site for xbox xbmc now...............http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=6....if you look for softmod guide it will tell you how to do it without opening your xbox up..hope this helps.........oh yea it will play all your files and i stream my media files from my computer to my tv a;; the time
Thanks heading there now!

So why was it not supported here now, Is it not as good as I think it is? Huh
since they have moved to other platforms..they feel that the hardware is just not able to support the major changes in the code..as they have pretty much went main stream..this puta a strain on them and what little free time they have....and xbox is considered an outdated system now>hope that answers your question,but it is a great thing to use for your xbox.they have just pushed there baby oout the nest so to speak
xbox hasn't been supported for over 18 months or so. It was a great platform in its time, however is getting a little long in the tooth now.

Works fine if all your looking for is just sd content.
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Is using this on an xbox just as good as a WDTV?00
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