non-numeric track 'numbers'
ok i have the list of tags kodi reads, and i also have the list of properties the skin can use... while it is mostly intuitive, i cannot find a direct mapping between listitem.* values to the tag they are taken from (plus if they are TEXT or NUMERIC)

A mapping table with that info would allow me to determine which TAG i can hijack and display...
(i found this which kind of helps, but is not a perfect map:

for example i do not use rating, at all. if the tag RATING=ListItem.UserRating, i could work with that. but it does not seem to line up that way...

edit: i also tried the MOOD tag, using property ListItem.Mood, and that did not work either. Which just seems very odd to me. I can get it to display some of the other list items, but not the few that i can change and use... looking through that .cpp file, i can see rating and votes and such are reformatted so i dont think they would work, but mood should be perfect.
You're miles ahead of me buddy. I haven't dug into the manual nor have I sought out or read any comments in the code. Actually, I'm cloning git jarvis atm. Anyway, I'm taking the, "lets poke it with a stick and see what happens," approach. Basically I'll bastarde strTitle from the Songs schema in MyMusic56.db and view the results. Yeah I'm lazy and thinking of manipulating the title into subjection.
i agree your approach might work if you can find data in the DB to use... my thing is it should work for both library and non-library based items. i don't scan all my music to the library, so not all of it will be in the DB. if a TAG-->ListItem.TAG would work, its a very simple approach. i just need a solid mapping table of tags to listitems and i could probably make it work... but MOOD is really bugging me... if the Wiki is right, it should work, but its not.

the other thing is it does'nt seem to be used right now; i cannot find ListItem.Mood in any of the skin.xml files...
In a rush...
ListItem.Mood is in v17, but may not be in v16 I really can't remember. I think Confluenece song info dislog displays it even if other skins don't. There is also, as albums can have a mood too loaded from scraping NFO files. Talking about TMOO tag in mp3 files, MOOD in FLAC.
No there is not a driect mapping between all tags and info lables.
Rating is a number, not going to help you.
Thanks, i actually updated to v17 last night to test just that, and lost my customization ive been using all these years because of it. The new confluence in v17 has a different XML layout and i'll need a short time to dig into how to make it do what i was doing before. Or maybe i'll just update the new default skin. Ill see how it goes.
Dumb question.

Is MyMusicPlaylist.xml the list shown when playing? ie., if I select an album to play, does MyMusicPlaylist.xml spell out my list?

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