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A peek of things to come ...
chanders Wrote:How is the performance on Nvidia-ION?

To be honest it runs ok on my Asrock Ion 330HT though i have mine overclocked
to 2GHZ and switched of all the home screen animation.

XBMCG33K Wrote:I tell you what, send me one and I'll let ya know Wink
Ha Ha Ha nice try Adam maybe santa will bring you one for xmas But only if your a good little boy and finnish the addons section for the skinLaugh
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
Trying to finish the addons stuff, but I really need someone to help out. Any volunteers?
I hope someone can help you out! I am willing but i lack the skills requiredNo
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
I have been using Xperience as a base for awhile now, so I can help with coding. I am hoping you have textures lined up.

After looking over your snapshots, it looks like you are almost there.
eskim feel free to shoot me a private message, maybe you can help me Smile
Do you still need help with coding for Xperience??
yzack_1983, Please post any further mods here
mcborzu and hitcher have helping me out a lot, so for now Xperience is covered Smile

A peek of things to come ...51