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Movie view always goes to the top of the list
Good day everyone.

I recently updated to the dharma branch and downloaded the backrow theme from within xbmc.

I noticed that when browse over my movie library and watch a movie. The moment i stop the movie, i go back on top of the movie list instead on where i left off.

Im not sure if im wording my question correctly. Heres an example. Asume i browsed all the way to lette G of my list, i play G, stop it, and as soon as the movie list goes back, i return to letter A.

Any tips?
Thisonly seem to happwn in view list 1'2 and 3
Hello there - yep it's a known problem that's been brought up before.

It's something I've still to address.
Thanks for the heads up!
Excellent work on this theme... Keep it up!

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Movie view always goes to the top of the list00